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Google Play Services

24.23.35 (040400-646585959)
2,723 reviews
105.5 M downloads

An indispensable app for keeping your apps updated

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Google Play Services is an Android app that makes sure the rest of your apps are up-to-date. It constantly checks that all installed apps have the latest available versions.

With Google Play Services, you can authenticate Google services, synchronize your contacts, access the latest user privacy settings, and use higher quality location-based services that use less energy.

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Besides all this, Google Play Services enhances the overall experience of using your device. It lets you search for things offline, provides you with more immersive maps, and improves the gaming experience by optimizing RAM.

Other menu options within Google Play Services let you manage all your apps (not necessarily the ones you have installed), establish location settings, and even manage your Google Fit account.

Google Play Services is an essential app for any device with an Android operating system. Without it, many other apps could start having problems.

Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 6.0 or higher required

Frequent questions

How can I download Google Play Services?

To download Google Play Services, all you have to do is search for it in the Uptodown catalog. Once the APK file is downloaded, just make sure you've allowed the installation of external files.

How do I reactivate Google Play Services?

To reactivate Google Play Services, all you have to do is go to the Settings panel in the Apps section. There, tap the Google Play Services icon, then tap the "Activate" button. After that, Google Play Services will be activated.

How do I activate Google Play Services?

To activate Google Play Services, look for the latest version on the Uptodown website. On the same page, you can find all the previous versions of the Google Play Services app. The most recently uploaded version is always the most up-to-date.

How do I recover Google Play Services on my Android?

To recover Google Play Services on your Android if it's outdated or you've accidentally uninstalled it, download its APK file from Uptodown. Once you've downloaded and installed the file, you can recover Google Play Services on your Android.

Why can't I update Google Play Services?

If you can't update Google Play Services, you can always reinstall the app by downloading the latest version from Uptodown. One of the best solutions is downloading a new APK file that has these errors patched.

What do I do if Google Play Services isn't compatible?

If Google Play Services isn't compatible with your Android device, it's due to an error with the app. To solve this problem, it's best to reinstall the app by downloading the latest version of the APK file from Uptodown.

Information about Google Play Services 24.23.35 (040400-646585959)

Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category General
Language English
72 more
Author Google LLC
Downloads 105,529,601
Date Jun 26, 2024
Content Rating +3
Advertisement Not specified
Why is this app published on Uptodown? (More information)
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Older versions

apk 24.22.55 (040400-641982829) Android + 6.0 Jun 18, 2024
apk 24.22.54 (190400-638836905) Android + 12 Jun 16, 2024
apk 24.22.54 (100400-638836905) Android + 9 Jun 14, 2024
apk 24.20.13 (040300-633713831) Android + 6.0 Jun 2, 2024
apk 24.16.60 (040400-633767044) Android + 6.0 May 17, 2024
apk 24.16.16 (190400-629452829) Android + 12 May 1, 2024

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2,723 reviews


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fantasticpurpledonkey10883 icon
1 day ago

Very good application

adorablegreendonkey98255 icon
1 day ago


moderngreycrab80388 icon
2 days ago


glamorousvioletdeer68224 icon
3 days ago

I can't advise

hotwhitehen72582 icon
3 days ago

please update the application

modernwhiteorange73152 icon
5 days ago

Not responding


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